Chris Meverden wins his 4th National Championship at The 2024 German Shepherd Dog Club of America National Championship!



Chris Meverden, the owner and trainer at North Tampa Dog Training won his fourth national championship with Judge vom Brickhaus, a German Shepherd from his own breeding program. He won with an overwhelming lead of nine points. Plus, he had the highest score in every individual category; tracking, obedience and protection! He also won the distinct award for the highest placing breed handled owned and trained by(BHOT) award! 

Chris had previously won three national championships(2013 2015 2017) with the sire of Judge, Danger von Juliet. Chris now has the most successful Father-Son combinations in the history of IGP in America! 

IGP(formerly known as schutzhund) is one of the hardest disciplines to train a dog for. The training is extremely difficult because it involves so many different exercises with a grading scale that scrutinizes the most finest details. The training takes years and starts when dog is just a puppy. Training involves tracking, obedience, agility and protection of the handler. IGP has the finest breed German Shepherd’s in the world and their training is the gold standard for working dogs. 

You can see Judge’s training in action in the video links below. These videos were his performances at the 2024 German Shepherd Dog Club of America Nationals. 







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