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Chris Meverden

Bio and accomplishments


Chris Meverden has been a dog trainer since 2002, and has been competitive in the sport of IGP (formerly called schutzhund) since 2006. He has won 4 National Championships in IGP-  2013, 2015,  2017, and 2024 and has had numerous podium finishes when he does not win. He has been selected to represent The United States in World/international competitions 5 different times with 2 different dogs. He has been in the top 10 twice at world competitions. From 2006-2022 Chris trained and handled 5 different dogs to compete at  National level events. In 2013 he was the first ever American dog trainer to qualify for both German Shepherd World Championships – The WUSV World Championship and World Universal Sieger. He has also been one of only a few Americans that has qualified to compete at the VDH Deutsche Meisterschaft(Germany’s biggest National Championship) with his dog Danger.


Chris Wants to Be Your Dog Trainer

His passion for training dogs and fixing the broken relationships owners have with their dogs, led Chris to start North Tampa Dog Training and vom Brickhaus German Shepherds in 2011. His dog training facility offers obedience training, behavior modification, dog sports, dog aggression training, and personal protection. Chris is a dog trainer for all dog breeds and uses the board and train method of dog training. He also breeds working German Shepherds under the kennel name “vom Brickhaus”.

Chris has worked with multiple rescue organizations over the years to be a resource for evaluation, training, and rehab of dogs that were scheduled for euthanasia. He has helped these dogs make   transformations into family/pet dogs. Because Chris competes on the international stage, he has had the ability to train with the best dog trainers from around the world. Being exposed to new and different methods gives him knowledge most others never get to experience. It allows him to learn, improve and grow his systems of dog training.

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Some of Chris’ accomplishments:

G Aiko vom Burkendeiros Sch III Kkl2 (German Shepherd)

·  2007 DVG Southeast Regional Championship 5th place
·  2007 USCA North American Nationals Competitor

Iso Tkacov dvor Sch III IPO III –Handler Owned Trained (German Shepherd)

·  2006 Wesley Chapel Dog Training Club Trial 1st place
·  2007 DVG Southeast Championship 2nd place IPO II
·  2008 Highway Schutzhund Club Trial 2nd place
·  2008 DVG Nationals 22nd place
·  2009 UScA Southeast Regional 5th place
·  2009 Tampa Bay Working Dog Club Trial 1st place
·  2009- UScA German Shepherd Nationals 15th place
·  2010- Wesley Chapel Dog Training Club Trial 1st place
·  2010- German Shepherd Dog Club of America-WDA Nationals 10th place 96-80-94=270
·  2011- German Shepherd Dog Club of America-WDA Nationals 5th place High Tracking 99-88-90=270
·  Iso’s career best trial scores were 100-92-99=291V & 96-96-97=289V both were first place finishes

V Danger von Juliet IPO III Kkl1– Handler Owned Train from puppy (German Shepherd)

·  2011 The Highway Schutzhund Club Trial 1st place 100-98-95=293 (IPO 1)
·  2012 High Drive Working Dog Club Trial 3rd place 100-88-95=283 (IPO II)
·  2012 Nature’s Coast Working Dog Club Trial 2nd place. V rated in confirmation. 98-95-97=290(IPO III)
·  2012 German Shepherd Dog Club of America-WDA Nationals 11thplace 80-93-94=267( at only 2 years old)
·  2013 German Shepherd Dog Club of America-WDA National Champion 98-89-98=285
·  2013 German Shepherd Dog Club of America-WDA Universal Sieger
·  2013 WUSV World Qualifier 2nd Place 98-99-98=295
·  2013 WUSV World Championship (Philadelphia, PA) 8th place 100-94-85 =279
·  2013 WUSV only dog out of 102 dogs to score a perfect 100pt track
·  2013 World Universal Sieger Championship (Deist, Belgium) 6th place
·  2015 German Shepherd Dog Club of America National Champion. 98-98-98=294
·  2015 FCI World Championship (Delemont, Switzerland) 97-85-86=268. 52 place
·  2016 DVG National Champion 93-97-96=286
·  20187 DVG Bundessiegerprufung (Brietlingen Germany) 99-84-94=277. 7th place
·  2017 VDH Deutsch Meisterschaft (German National Event) the only American invited
·  50-88-84-222 40th place

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F’Mako vom Brickhaus

Breed raised and trained by Chris

·  IGP 1 98-90-98=286
·  IGP 2 97-88-99=284
·  IGP3 Schutzhund club of Orlando 95-83-98=276 1st place
·  2018 German Shepherd Dog Club of America National Championship (Wilmington, OH) 97-86-92=275. 5th place
·  Was a cast member and Appeared in the reality show “Total Divas” on E! network

Arik von der Snively Haus

A son of Chris’ previous dog Danger von Juliet. Raised and trained from a puppy.

·  IGP1 98-84-98=280
·  IGP2 96-95-95=286
·  IGP3 84-94-98=276
·  2020 DVG America National Championship (Mt. Dora, FL) 95-94-94=286 3rd place High Obedience
·  2021 German Shepherd Dog Club of America National Championship (Franklin, TN) 95-94-94=283 3rd place
·  2021 World Team qualification Trial (Wilmington, OH) 86-91-90=267 4thplace
·  2021 WUSV World Championship (Lerma, Spain)76-77-93=246 72nd place

Judge vom Brickhaus

Judge is from the “vom Brickhaus” breeding program that is owned and operated by Chris since 2012. Chris has raised and trined Judge since he was a puppy. Judge is also a Danger son.

  • IGP 1 96-85-95=277
  • IGP 2 76-96-93=265
  • IGP3 100-95-96=291
  • 2024 SE Regional Championship 3rd place 88-91-95=274
  • 2024 GSDCA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 1st place  96-95-97=288
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