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Obedience training for dogs in Tampa, Trinity, Odessa, and the surrounding areas

Why choose our dog obedience training in the Tampa, Trinity, and Odessa, FL, areas?

I have developed a training system over many years for both the dogs and owners that achieves success and strengthens their relationship. I am successful because owners are “wowed” by their dogs when they leave our board and train program and recommend us to others.

You have probably scrolled through many dog training websites trying to figure out which dog trainer is best fit for you and your dog. Dog trainer credentials are hard to sort out and many accreditations are subscription based from an online course. The complexity of dog behaviors and the communication involved with teaching and modifying these behaviors is not easily taught in a book or an online course. It takes successful experience with many different dogs and understanding a dogs way of communication. A trainer who has completed a 6 week online course, or says “I’ve always loved dogs since I was a kid and decided to start a dog training business” is not the same as someone who is a true professional that raises, trains, and competes with his own dogs on an international stage. Is the dog trainer you choose testing their ability against the top dog trainers in the world?

Obedience training for dogs Trinity FL
Obedience training for dogs Odessa FL

Breeding and Raising Dogs

I also have a very small but successful breeding program. My breeding program is designed to produce dogs that I can compete with. Everything is scrutinized from health, temperament, structure, and genetics. When breeding dogs for a specific purpose (working and performance dogs) you must really have a great understanding of genetics. Genetics greatly influence a dogs temperament and abilities. If you understand what a dog has genetically then you know what is possible and what is impossible. Some dog’s genetics limit what they can do and regardless of what methodology used, it won’t be successful. You must learn to work within the dog’s capabilities and not try to make him something they are not.

Successful Obedience Training for Dogs

Experience is great, as long as you have had experience with success. I have 18 years of experience with obedience training for dogs that has spanned the globe. I have seen and experienced many different methodologies and techniques. My career and experience competing in IGP (formerly Schutzhund) is where I have learned the most. IGP is the most widely used test for breeding working military and police dogs. It has evolved over the years to become a very competitive sport that tests dogs in many ways: Tracking, Obedience, Agility and Protection. The dogs are tested in their ability to use their nose and mental focus in tracking. The Obedience training and agility portion of this sport has become so extremely difficult in the past 10 years due to the development of training without stress in this discipline. Dogs must show a happy, stress free attitude in obedience. The dogs must show that they want to offer behaviors and NOT be forced into behaviors. This type of obedience training has helped my pet program to have dogs that want to work and are not forced into it. The protection of handler phase of the sport is very complex and requires great understanding of aggression and control. This phase has also given me a much clearer understanding of dog aggression issues. Dealing with aggression and learning how to create and control it in competition, has been a specialty tool that helps with those unique problems. Working with big aggressive dogs is a valuable tool that most other dog trainers don’t get to experience. Obedience training for dogs plays a pivotal role in harnessing a crucial advantage. Understanding how to work with these dogs through obedience training not only contributes significantly to safety but also enhances communication between pets and their owners.

Obedience training for dogs Tampa FL
Obedience training for dogs Tampa, Trinity, and Odessa FL

Lastly, my competitors may say they “train” in schutzhund or dog sports, but there is a HUGE difference in the person that trains at a local club versus National Champions or International Competitors. I have won three National Championships and have been Top 10 at the World Championship twice. I have qualified and been invited to the biggest National German event (Germany is considered the pinnacle of our sport), the VDH Deutsche Miesterschaft, as an American. These accomplishments were also achieved with a dogs I have bred myself and raised/trained from a puppy.

Obedience training for dogs Tampa FL
Obedience training for dogs Trinity FL